Friday, January 6, 2012

Leisure or the books I'm currently reading

I don't know what you do in your free time, but I try to read as much as I can. Sometimes it's quite hard to find that time when you work till 5pm, five days a week but the days like Fridays and the weekends it's the best time to do it, so highly recommend you that. Get a cup of coffee or tea, a blanket and read. It frees your mind.
Recently I have been reading 'Eat pray love' by Elizabeth Gilbert, 'The Jimmy Choo Story' by Lauren Goldstein Crowe and Sagra Maceira de Rosen and also 'Why men don't listen and women can't read maps' by Allan and Barbara Pease. For some reason I cannot finish any of these books and start reading another one. Do you likewise? Do you reach for another book if you feel borred by the one that you were just reading?

Nie wiem jak Wy, ale ja w wolnych chwilach staram sie nadrabiac zaleglosci w czytaniu. W ciagu tygodnia niestety jest mi bardzo trudno znalezc choc chwilke wolnego czasu, bo pracuje do 1700 ale w piatki badz w weekend, chetnie do nich siegam - jesli nie jestem na zakupach oczywiscie :-)Ostatnio zaczelam czytac trzy ksiazki jednoczesnie. Robie tak, kiedy jestem znudzona poprzednia ksiazka, dlatego az trzy :-) Czy tez macie tak samo?

PS. If you have any good books to recommend, please send me a note. Thanks :-)

...and the obvious choice for our men. Bear Grylls and his stories.

Thanks guys for reading! Tomorrow I will post a new look, so stay tuned lol ;-)


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